Make calls, send emails; let your opinion be heard! The more voices our elected officials hear, the better they know how the community feels. However, be kind! We support passionate, civil discussion of this important issue. We do not condone threatening behavior or speech, racism, classism or hateful rhetoric.

Leavenworth County Commission

Robert W. Holland – First District
Clyde Graeber – Second District
Doug Smith – Third District / Chairman
(this e-mail goes to all 3 commissioners)

Leavenworth County Planning & Zoning

LVCO Court House
300 Walnut Street, Suite 225
Leavenworth, KS 66048

Sajiv (Jeff) Joseph – Director
Stephanie Sloop – Planning Coordinator
Krystal Davis – Planner
Michael Swann – Assistant Planner
Melissa Johnson – Code Enforcement Officer

Leavenworth County Development Corporation (LCDC)

Steve Jack – Executive Director


Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Topeka

Matt Keith – Office of Communication

Chris, secretary- 785-296-0461
Lynn, secretary- 785-291-3368

Kansas Department of Agriculture, Division of Conservation

Rob Reschke – 785-564-6620

Kansas Department of Labor

Labor Relations 785-296-5000 x1068

Kansas Department of Transportation


Kansas Department of Commerce, 785-296-3481

State Legislators
Senator Tom Holland

Home: 785-865-2786
Office: 785-296-7372

Representative Willie Dove

Home: 913-909-5866
Office: 785-296-7677

Representative Jim Karlskint

Home: 785-550-4298
Office:  785-296-7683

Kansas Secretary of State

Kris Kobach

Tonganoxie Chamber of Commerce

Steve Christianson – President

Tonganoxie Planning Commission

John Morgan: 913-369-2425
Steve Ashley: 785-580-5552
Zach Stoltenberg: 785-550-4919 
Steve Gumm: 916-683-3566
Jacob Dale: 785-979-3220
Patricia Gabel: 913-634-6384
County Representative Monica Gee: 913-416-0255

Tonganoxie City Council

Andy Gilner: 785-840-8844
Chris Donnelly: 785-393-0531
Curtis Oroke:
Kara Reed: 913-940-0427
Jim Truesdell: 913-369-3166

Mayor of Tonganoxie Jason Ward: 913-845-2765

Sierra Club Local Chapter (not .com)

Sample Email:
Put ‘TONGANOXIE’ in the subject line
Provide in the email your phone number, home address, and phone number
Here is a sample e-mail / script for telephone calls to officials:
Hello, my name is ___________. I live in Tonganoxie/LVCO/Basehor/Lawrence,Linwood, KS.
The reason for my call today is to let you know that I am strongly against the proposed Tyson Foods plant in Tonganoxie, KS. Tyson Foods has a poor history of unethical treatment of its employees, inhumane treatment of animals, water and air pollution, over-stressing school and city/county resources, and decreasing home values. Have you ever driven past a Tyson plant? Would you like a Tyson Plant in your neighborhood? The residents of the city and county were not allowed to vote or even voice our opinions. No one knew it was Tyson until it was late in the project. We would like an opportunity to be heard. I would like you to call me back. My number is _____________. I would like to know, from your perspective, what we can do to stop this multinational corporation from destroying our small town. Thank you for your time.