Where is this project being built?

West and South of Tonganoxie. The processing plant and hatchery is planned to locate on the property at 222nd and Hemphill Road, and the feed mill is planned for the northeast corner of US 24/40 and Honeycreek Road. Both properties are outside Tonganoxie city limits in Leavenworth County. The slaughterhouse, hatchery and processing plant will be about 2 miles from the Tonganoxie middle and elementary schools.

What incentives are being offered to Tyson?

The City of Tonganoxie has offered $1.3 million to extend sewer infrastructure to these properties. The Leavenworth County Commission has signed intent to issue $500 million in industrial revenue bond to be repaid over 10 years. They also committed to $7.4 million to extend utilities to the plant site. The State of Kansas has pledged additional undisclosed development incentives to Tyson.

How many jobs will this project create?

The processing plant, hatchery, and feed mill will employ 1,600 people at an average wage of $12/hr.  In addition, Tyson also plans to contract with northeast Kansas farmers and ranchers within a 30 mile radius to raise chickens.

Why 'No Tyson in Tongie'?

We are group of citizens that object to the Tyson slaughterhouse being built in our community for many reason. Tyson has had multiple EPA air and water pollution violations over  long number of years. The plant moving to our area will decrease the value of the land for miles around. The 1,600 jobs they are adding are low-paying jobs, with an average wage of $12/hr. The Leavenworth County unemployment rate is currently 4.3% - most of those workers will move in from out-of-county. With 1,600 employees just at the slaughterhouse, hatchery and food mill, local roads and services will be overloaded with growth. That's road expansion, additional police, additional fire and EMT services that our taxes will have to pay for.

I don't live in Leavenworth County. Can I sign the Petition?

Petitions circulating right now are for Leavenworth County residents only. We hope release petitions for surrounding counties by September 15. We love your support!