We are a group of committed Leavenworth County and Tonganoxie citizens that are strongly opposed to building the Tyson plant near Tonganoxie. The project was hidden from the public by State, County and city officials until it was in late-stage planning. Citizens Against Project Sunset is so named for the ‘codename’ used by our elected officials to keep it secret from the public who elected them.

Our group objects to the project on multiple levels but primarily for these reasons:

  1. Environmental Concerns (Tyson is the #2 water polluter in the nation according to a 2014 study)
  2. Property Value. Upon public announcement of the project sales of local land and housing sales have been cancelled and property values have dropped. If the plant is built values are expected to drop 30% - 50%.
  3. Grower Farms. Tyson will recruit hundreds of grower farms within a 50 mile radius of the plant to grow chickens to butchering weight. Contracts for those farms are written to heavily favor Tyson, and in many cases end up being bad business for the farmer. Grower farms also contribute a lot of pollution.
  4. Quality of Life. The proposed 1,600 workers for the plant will stretch local communities, Tonganoxie in particular, beyond capacity. Schools, roads, police, fire, hospitals and other services will be stretched beyond the breaking point, and all to add lower paying jobs than the average community member holds.
  5. We don’t need it. Leavenworth County is strategically situated just down the highway from Kansas City, Lawrence and Topeka. Many residents work out of town with an average wage of $65,000/year and unemployment is around 4%. Current county residents will not seek the average $35,000/year jobs offered by Tyson. Our community is a small, lovely bedroom community which can wait and be picky about the types of community development it seeks to attract.


What Can I Do?


  • Sign the petition! There are separate petitions for each county. Make sure to sign a petition for your county, and only one time! You can find the petition at the following locations (county available in bold):
    • Flashbacks 630 East 4th St., Tonganoxie  LV
    • Ford Family Chiropractic 200 West St., Tonganoxie  LV
    • Downtown Drug Store 516 E 4th St., Tonganoxie  LV
    • Skeet Real Estate 1014 Front St., Tonganoxie  LV
    • S&S Body Shop 922 E. 4th St., Tonganoxie  LV
    • Eagle Memorials  215 US-24, Tonganoxie  LV
    • First Response Massage 210 N. West St., Tonganoxie LV
    • Suburban Liquor 313 Ridge St., Tonganoxie  LV
    • Waggin' Tails Day Spa 15630 Pinehurst Dr #1, Basehor LV
    • Drake Chiropractic and Rehab 1106 155th St. Ste. C, Basehor  LV
    • Wolf Creek Veterinary Clinic 14370 Parallel Rd, Basehor  LV, JF, WY, AT, JO, DG
    • Sunny Dayz Therapeutic Massage 204 N Main St., Lansing  LV, WY
    • On the site Ebimedical : Male extra pill review
  • Volunteer!
  • Put a sign in your yard and car
  • Help at events
  • Get Educated
  • Make some Calls! Hold public officials accountable!
  • DONATE! We need a legal fund.